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  Hertzock Entertainment is a Motion Picture,Television Production,Film Production and Broadcast Agency. With two film studios in Louisiana and another international branch in Durban South Africa. Hertzock Entertainment has all the tools for local ,national and international production projects or advertising campaigns. Our upper management has a total of 35 years of branding and marketing experience. On top of that, we have over 21 years of professional video production and film experience that make us very unique in the effectiveness of the results that our clients receive. In other words, our marking and branding executives are also professional directors and producers.


  Our professional directors and producers are also marketing and branding executives. If we look at the both sides as if they were both chemicals, the mixture that we have here gives you a nuclear effect ! Both sides are firing equally and there is no lost of the objective in communication. You have arrived to the true bang for your buck! Call us today about your next project  


24 Hour Call Center

24/7 call service production company

Baton Rouge 888-791-0494     

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