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Hertzock Entertainment & Films are creating opportunities to find talent in this area. No prior experience  in the entertainment industry is required. We are looking for unique, optimistic thinking and dynamic persons that believe they have what it takes to work in the TV, film and entertainment production industry. Most that start will not make it to the end of the three months as this is a very competitive internship. Internship will be active in connection with management with both Hertzock Entertainment & Films and the Film Access Academy.

10000 Celtic Dr. 804 Baton Rouge LA. 70809


To meet the requirements to participate in this very competitive internship program you need to be 18 and  above,  pass both phone and in person interviews. All additional questions will be answered  during the phone and or in person interviews. (No phone calls no emails NO EXCEPTIONS) Only forms submitted below will be considered. A followup first over the phone interview will be completed on every submission entered below. Emails going out to submissions to schedule phone interviews will start on the second week of February 2018. The best to you!

Three month internship is a non paid internship

Apply Here!
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