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Complimentary  drinks,  refills,  and  a  massive   selection  of   movie   snacks   in   your professional  screening  suite.  Included  cupholders food and snack trays make it all the perfect fit. From  start to finish  is your  personal technician  that will service you during your movie night experience. The screening room is actually used by Executive Directors and  producers to see there work before the  world sees it.  As  a member you have movie night where movies are made!









Members  will also have  100% access to events so that members can meet, network and have amazing times as a group! We have two events per year one during the Christmas holidays and the other during the summer at the Celtic Studios.



Members!  Having access to Celtic Studios  ADR Studio at  members  rates  far below  standard rates. This was originally built by mega  mogul rapper Master P just before Celtic  Studios  took over in 2008.  Top of  the  line medium  sized room.  Impressive!

No one can just call and have access  to  Movie Night  like members can. Only a member can vouch for a potential new  member under recommendation.  Any member's recommendation  that leads

to a new membership receives seventy

five $ dollars $  in cash or credit at the recommending   members   discretion.


VIP Red roped reserved parking making  your arrival most convenient starting your night  the way it should.  Once  you enter the lobby for you to the left is  a

red  carpet  entrance down the hall with red velvet ropes & gold stanchions. All provided for you and your guest. 


We love  accenting style you deserve as our valued member. Reserved is a professional  executive  film  screening  suite  for  you and your guest. Your movie room is equipped with two plush electric recliners on risers with a 175 inch screen with actual native 4K theatre  grade projection capacity.  The stunning visual quality  is not the end but only the  beginning  with  more  audio   power  than  you  would  ever  need.  Massive  base response   for   film  audio  effects,  crystal   clear   mid   and   high  range  frequencies guarantee  an  immersive experience  above most public theatre sound systems.