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Start Your Own New Production Business with iDirector!

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iDirector is a web based lightning fast template video production service. Commercial or personal video productions that make you the Director on iDirector.TV.  Super high quality video in full HD at a fraction of the cost to have made from video production service companies. Go to choose the template that fits your vision,  click build, fill out the production/info form, and click submit. You wait for your master video production file with your images, custom text and music you choose to be email to you as an attachment to keep and share with the world!

iDirector where you are now the Director!

How to start

TEXT go here.

Upload files

All that is needed to be done by the client or a third party production company is to fill out the form, upload the files online then click submit! Thats it! We take care of the rest  with a four hour average turn around with the master full HD file being email to your provided email address.

The cost per-template is very low as iDirector is designed to handle high volume business. So the cost is very low with a high quality finished look and sound. Our biggest target are people that won’t to start there own business or want to incorporate this service in there preexisting business. The cost per-production is so inexpensive to industry standard expectations that it can be marked up double the cost if not more and still be in a reasonable cost range. Our cost is the deposit you collect for payment. The balance you collect from your client is all yours!  You deal directly with iDirector through our online protocol. We deliver the finished work to you quickly and electronically

Select Music

Your Email 

Complete form

Just that simple, with no production or editing experience needed. By simply filling out the form, uploading the files and choosing the music witch is all done on that one form you are the director/producer so that the production comes out right every single time !



If you have a free PayPal business account you can send your client invoices through email that can be paid through that same email so your client can pay your full amount you want to charge them or a deposit. so this means you can market any where in the country for business or even world wide. 


Get it now!

Imagine offering video production/editing services world wide professionally with out having to make any investment on equipment. If your client do not have photos to be placed in our system you can simply  take the photos your self with most smartphones and still make a fantastic impression! 

After submission/payment you can expect your finished master delivered to you electronically in about four hours between the times of 10:00am and 6:00pm CST. Nights and weekends we still edit for you just a lighter staff with a longer turn around. (We are working on a 24/7 full editing staff)  If you have any questions or need tech support use our live chat feature on the lower right side of the page at any time day or night!.


                                                                                               Happy Directing!

The sute is LIVE NOW and looking forward to partnering with you in helping in making iDirector a part of your success!! 

Their are no iDirector logos or branding on the finished work so as far as your client is concern this service came from your company!

Click above to get started!

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