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Born at Southern Baptist Hospital in New Orleans as one of ten kids, daughter of Larry and Jackie Labry, and raised in New Orleans, graduated at LSU Baton Rouge in 1979 in Political Science; lived in Baton Rouge from 1973 through 2004 and now at family estate in Ponchatoula, and one day hope to return to Baton Rouge.


Worked various odd jobs, temporary jobs and state in clerical field, which includes typing, wordprocessing, data entry and other office duties, and worked political field in various political campaigns and as page at Legislature and volunteered there as citizen advocate for various campaigns, community activities, causes, and Church work. Worked as extra in more than 300 movies as extra about 20 or so with speaking roles for shorts, independents, class films, contests and two television shows. Recorded in a few of cds and videos. Filmogaphy:

Hobbies include Political Campaigning and Grassroots and Legislative Advocacy; Swimming Pools; Networking; Volunteer in Community Activities; Festivals, Conventions; Louisiana Collections; Genealogy/Family History; Dining at


Cafes and Fine Restaurants andenjoy hotmeals; Preservation; Church; and Music, where I play guitar, mandolin, bass, dulcimer, and ukulele, and singing in choirs and ensembles.  Musicology:


Recently found diagnosis of Autism/Aspergers in 2008 at age 56, which explains the lifelong struggles in finding work and getting meaningful and gainful work. Today retired on Disability and aspiring to get back in workforce as Actress with speaking roles and music. Goals is to act and play in Christian, Southern, Louisiana, Political, Biographies, Causes, Historical, Local, Family based movies and shows, etc.


Favorite Teams: LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints


Favorite Celebrities: Gov. Jimmie H. Davis, Chuck Wagon Gang, The Carter Family and their children; Dolly Parton, Michael Landon, Andy Griffith, Roy Rogers, Ronnie Reagan, Emily Lou Harris and various bluegrass, country, and Southern Gospel bands.

Favorite Cities:  Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Vienna, Paris, Washington, DC, Nashville, and Jerusalem.


Favorite Foods: Chicken, Casseroles, Beans, Peas, Overcooked vegetables, such as greenpeas, greanbeans, blackeyed peas, black beans, spinach, corn, yams, various salads, cheese, and vanilla icecream; water, coffee, and tea.


Favorite color is Olive Green because of my green eyes, gold, blue, brown, and Fall colors and dark winter colors.


Christian Southern Baptist goes to First Baptist Church, sing Alto it its Young Ad Heart Senior Choir at Church and around community; play bass with Band at Sunday Night Front Porch in Robert, and enjoy seeing and receiving Christian Prophecy. 

Susie Labry

Leading Actress 



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